We are passionate about Shakespeare, and in particular, about finding ways to bring the works of the bard to life for people who may not think or feel Shakespeare maybe for them. We think Shakespeare offers something for everyone, and via 360 Video, we hope to bring Shakespeare to life in ways that have not been seen before.

 Currently, 360 video is literally a brand new medium, and so the works of the Bard have not been explored in this way. Yes, they obviously began life as plays, and yes, we are used to seeing Shakespeare on film in recent times. So is this is Shakespeare on film, or is recording Shakespeare on stage? Well, confusingly it can be both, or neither. And here at 360 Shakespeare.com we... Well, you'll have to decide for yourself how it makes you feel!

 This is why we have chosen this new medium; it is an incredibly emotive format, and is able to literally put the audience at the heart of a scene. Where we choose to put the camera, how we direct our actors and the scene around it, can make you part of the scene and able to experience Shakespeare's greatest scenes, romances, monologues, battles, courts and revels in ways that previously only actors themselves could experience; we literally put you inside of Shakespeare's works, and let the magic unfold.

Want to know more, or want to help?

Our first few prototype scenes are almost ready to go, which have been recorded on the earliest 360 cameras available on the market. We are continually seeking access to better cameras so as to improve the final quality of our 360 video scenes. We are currently hard at work finishing off our first batch of 360 Shakespeare, and will be announcing more soon on this website and on a special YouTube channel.
  • If you are an actor with Shakesperian experience, then we would love to hear from you.
  • If you own, or have access to, an interesting space or location that you would like to feature in 360, it would be fantastic to have a conversation. We can show off your unique space in a truly unique way!
  • Similarly, if you represent a camera company or tech-startup working in 360, then we would love to speak with you about mutually collaborating on a scene; after all, what would best show off your new camera than having Shakespeare performed by a team of film-makers who understand not just this new medium, but who also have extensive Film and Theatre background too?

For Acting, Scheduling & Location based queries:
Hazel Earle, Creative Director - 360Shakespere.com

For Technical Camera, Playback, Press or Partnerships queries:
Colin Warhurst, Technical Director - 360Shakespeare.com

What is 360?

 360 Degree video, often called "360 Video", "VR Video" or even more simply, just "360" is a relatively new film medium. The idea is that you have a camera that can film in all directions, all at once. A camera sits in the middle of a scene or event, and is able to film not just in front, but also behind, as well as up, and down.

 If you have ever used Google Street view, to look at a place on the map as if you were there, that is a form of 360 Photography. The cameras for recording the 'full sphere' of an image have been around for a long time now in photography, but 360 video cameras are still relatively new, so not everybody knows what they are, nor how to watch the resulting material.

 Simply put, when you watch live music or sports on television, you are generally forced to have 'eyes' front at all times, as the camera is pointing at the main stage or pitch where the action occurs. With 360, you now have the option to look all around you, taking in the venue, the stadium, the crowd all around you. The 360 video market is already full of fantastic music, sports and behind the scenes material, and now we are adding Immersive 360 Shakespeare to this growing list of experiences.

How do I watch 360?

 There are three main ways to enjoy 360 video. We've listed them here in order, building up to the method of best quality and immersion.

Point & Click

1) On a normal computer, via Facebook, YouTube or other 360 video supporting websites. You simply find a 360 video (preferably one of ours!) begin to watch as you would a normal video, but then using your keyboard, mouse or touchscreen, you 'steer' the video to point in the direction you want.

Window on a World

2) You will need a smartphone or tablet. Again, find a 360 video via Facebook, YouTube etc. but this time do so via an app, and not the website of the provider. For example, using the standard YouTube app on iOS or Android, you simply find a 360 video, play full screen, and then watch as your phone acts as a 'window' looking out onto the 360 scene. You literally move your device around you in all directions, 'peering' into the 360 scene from wherever you look.

Google Cardboard or other VR Headset

 3) If you own a Google Cardboard headset or similar head mounted VR device, similarly to number above, you find a 360 video, click the 'cardboard glasses' icon, and then once ready, place your device inside the Cardbaord headset. Play the video and enjoy as the outside world is cut off, and you become totally immersed within the scene! Best enjoyed with headphones!